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Stick Dudes






Oreo Orena
Version 4.9

*Rated 9.5 out of 10 by the Doom Wad Station*
Read the full review here.

Sup yall! Me and my crew, The Night Shift Doomers have put together a nice little deathmatch arena for ya. It's called the Oreo Orena (hence the title of this page). What started off as a plasma-rifle drawing wad turned into the most fun I've had playing Doom. Thanx to Mr Rocket, we can now fly automatically. Most of this level is in the air with rapid-fire guns. I enjoy it a little more than any of you will, because I made this just by screwing around with stuff I thought would be cool. Here are a few screens before you download it...

"I liked it alot. It is a HUGE arena with transparent platforms and the flying feature enables some pretty cool battle strategy." -Bob Larkin

All of which were taken while playing legacy on The Doom Connector

I'd like to give some credit to Grunt, if I ever find him again, for helping make the turrets for version 4.7 that were taken out for 4.9 due to the slow rocket drops. If you know where i can find him, email me so that I can put them back in for version 5.


As always, you'll need more than that to fully enjoy playing this online, I recommend both of these...

Doom Legacy

The Doom Connector

Any wad editors that feel the need to contribute any further levels can contact me here.