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I Never Update!

May 2, '04
     Wow I suck! I've been working way to hard on superfriends, I've completely neglected butlergames. oh well. New stuff, erm... I'm Communications Vice now, I was Prom Royalty, I broke my $300 mp3 player and I made some new music and put it on my Cussack page. That pretty much sums up the last couple months!
Jordoom Is No More

December 2, '03
     Well, at least the name is. For security reasons I am obligated to remove all previous symbols, mascots, signs and slogans from the once great Jordoom Doom Map, even going so far as to change the map name entirely. What shall emerge from this flaming wad of wreckage on creativity shall emerge a similar map entitled Mordoom. I can't spend almost a year working on something without a final product ;) Since I cannot account for the early released test wads, I suggest you destroy your copies so I don't get put into further jeopardy!
If I don't update... will I die?

October 29, '03
     This has got to be the biggest gap between news events yet, so I have two things to say! They are below... launches!

     I finally have a site with pictures of me and my friends! You can see it at or the real url at

Finnished: All 4 Indemnity Songs Remixed

     Sarah Bennet, Cara Stott, Lyndsay Mitchell and Toni Harris were in a band a month ago called Indemnity. I really liked their cd, so I asked them (not really) if I could techno remix their songs and put them on the internet. Well, they are finally completed and uploaded on my soundclick cussack account. Check them out here and remember, the first person I see ever wearing a Cussack t-shirt gets a high five from me!
My Doom Wads Reviewed!

July 16, '03
     After spending the morning protesting school changes up at the capitol, I found out Bob Larkin from the Doom Wad Station reviewed both my Osama Bin Doom and Oreo custom Doom maps. My deathmath level entitled Oreo got really high ranks, a 9.5. However, I was not surprised to see that Osama got borderline average. I was kinda sick of that game when I started making it.... oh well, he liked Adam's middle eastern music. You can find the Oreo review here and Osama's review here.
** Check It Yo **

June 4, '03
     Wow, it only took me a month to start caring... Summer is apon us, so as always, you shall see more updates more often. I am now as well as for all of you lazy people who can't type a few extra letters. I also have a direct Cussack link bar dealy on the left now, so you can get your Cussack quicker. I uploaded 3 new songs so you'd better! Also, make sure you get in the Animal Crossing census while you're here!
Cussack Is Back Remixin

May 8, '03
     I am so sure that you all care, but I'm saying it anyway. i have remixed the theme to Archon and will be posting it as soon as I get word from my superiors.
*NEW* Doom Adventures Episode 4

April 11, '03
Uhh, Go Here Cause Kurtis Says So

April 9, '03
     "This is the phatest break dancing my eyes have ever seen..." Your guess is as good as mine... LINK
2 New Doom Wads!

March 30, '03
     Getting back on the wagon on updating and uploading can be hard, me playing Wind Waker and all. I finally came to long enough to upload some stuff most of you prolly don't care about anymore, but what do I know?
Check the side bar under Doom for both of these!

March 14, '03
     I've been waiting for something REALLY good to give all you dilligent site goers. So, A message board seemed suitable. Here ya go.. Go play. I will be in their often, so I hope we can build a nice community of rejects!
Free Cussack MP3s In 2003

January 17, '03
     Here it is, THE moment most of you have waited for. I found a site that will host my techno for you all to download for free. Good thing I made a brand new song! You should all check it out HERE and don't forget to discuss my tuneskis on the message board and leave suggestions for my new ones. Expect a Cussack link on this site soon!
I Entered Another Contest

November 23, '02
     Since it's been 4 years since the last Beastie Boys album, their web site is having an A/V contest to liven things up before a new one comes out next year. I think I won "first entry submitted" prize, but I dunno yet, the contest ends March of next year. Check it out here!
New Site!

October 17, '02
     Here yall go. Not being updated for quite some time is a real pain, so I apologize. School has started, uhm Stick Dudes may be redone in flash. I dunno. I needs to learn me up some knowledge first. Anyway... this site is much better. No frames, only 1 pop-up ad. Easier surfing. Yadda yadda ma ladda. Crap, hold on, gotta fix some stuff...
Not Only Accepted, I A Winner, HA HA HA

August 23, '02
     I just found out like 5 seconds ago. I WON THE DOOM III WALLPAPER COMPETITION!!! That's right, the news event from August 6, '02 is where its at. I quote: "What I wanted from the winner, was a wallpaper that was not only technically interesting, but also very unique. I needed a wallpaper that differed from the usual ones, with a Doom III logo, and a monster cut out by the lasso in photoshop. Brads wallpaper really is a great example of how a wallpaper should be done. It has a fine layout, and most of all, it makes you go: "Ahh". That was just what Brads wallpaper made me do when I saw it. Great job Brad, and congratulations!"

August 9, '02

     There's just too much news to hold me back from tellin it! Like Doom, the sequel is coming to GameBoy Advance. I kid you not (unlike the GBA Zombies), this is all legit and comes out on October 29, just a couple of days after my birthday. Dang. Anyway, back to the game. Unlike the port of the original, this WILL include the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind. It will also have the double barreled shotgun, and ALL of the monsters. Doom monsters that is. The two Wolfenstein levels, Grosse and Wolfenstein, won't be included, so its just like the French version... no nazi stuff. Oh, well, at least we get multiplayer Death Match and Co-op. So it has 30 levels (not including DM), 17 monsters, 9 weapons! Sounds good ta me! O-tay!
Hey, I'm Accepted!

August 6, '02
     Well, it had to come to this. I entered a Doom wallpaper competition with the only intent to make something funny that may win a copy of Doom 3. But since the people have spoken, mine currently has the most downloads. Now, this may change and make me look like I'm living in the past, but until then, go check out my submission here, and see for yourselves...

Ferris Bueller won funniest movie poll with 162 votes!!

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